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The Center for Economic Studies offers two different kinds of Lectures: the "Munich Lectures in Economics" held by the Distinguished CES Fellow and short courses held by CES visitors.

By now the Munich Lectures in Economics have become a well known tradition. Every year in November this lecture series introduces a current research topic in economics to the broad public.

CES contributes to the education of the faculty's PhD students in terms of 3-part short courses held by CES visitors.


Munich Lectures in Economics

Every year, the Scientific Advisory Council nominates an outstanding international economist as the Distinguished CES Fellow. The award is presented in November, when the laureate gives the Munich Lectures in Economics, sharing a recent economics research topic with a broad audience.
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CES Lectures Programme

CES guests take part in the faculty's PhD programme in offering 3-session graduate short courses on a topic in their areas of expertise. The students have to attend a certain number of these courses. read on CES Lectures Programme

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