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Energy Turnaround into a Void

Hans-Werner Sinn

Public University Lecture by Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, President of the Ifo Institute.

Monday, 16. December 2013, 6.00 p.m.,
Great Hall of the Ludwig Maximilians University, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 Munich.

We have a climate problem: 85 percent of the energy requirements of OECD countries and the Federal Republic of Germany are currently met by fossil fuels. We must move away from this model. Nuclear energy was seen as facilitating climate-neutral energy supply in the past. The energy turnaround and the phase-out of nuclear power and fossil fuels now leave us standing pretty empty-handed. The idea that Germany’s energy requirements can be satisfied with domestic sources of wind and solar power is an illusion. Moreover, the uncertain supply situation is poisoning the investment plans of German industry. German policy needs to change course and give up its national solo effort. In a public university lecture in the Great Hall of the Ludwig Maximilians University Professor Hans-Werner Sinn explains the implications of Germany’s current energy policy. Professor Klaus Schmidt, Professor of Economics at the LMU, will introduce the topic. The lecture is an event organized by the CESifo-Group.

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