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Conference Series

With its numerous events, the Ifo Institute provides a discussion platform for decision-makers and opinion-leaders on issues of economic policy and concepts. Industry insiders appreciate the solid analyses presented by Ifo experts at conferences.

Ifo Brussels International Economic Forum (Ifo BrIEF)

The annual Ifo Brussels International Economic Forum (Ifo BrIEF) is organised by the Munich-based Ifo Institute and hosted by the European Committee of the Regions. read on Ifo Brussels International Economic Forum (Ifo BrIEF)

ifo Branchen-Dialog (Ifo Industry Colloquium)

The Ifo Industry Colloquia provides a platform for competent and controversial discussions of economic and structural trends. They also critically discuss the economic analysis provided by the joint forecast of the German research institutes and apply it to the industry level. read on ifo Branchen-Dialog (Ifo Industry Colloquium)


At the centre of the EUROCONSTRUCT activities are conferences, organised twice a year at changing European cities by the national partner institute, with the focus on the cyclical development of construction activity and on further topics with direct relevance for the construction sector. read on EUROCONSTRUCT

Ifo Annual Meeting

The Ifo Annual Meeting takes place in June and consists of a public session with an analysis of the economy by the president of the Ifo Institute and guest speakers from business and politics. read on Ifo Annual Meeting

Munich Economic Summit

The Munich Economic Summit, a joint initiative of CESifo and the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, organised in partnership with The Times of London, The Wall Street Journal Europe, and Handelsblatt, is aimed at bringing together academic scholars and decision-makers in politics, industry and finance to discuss vital European issues.
The Summit convenes annually and involves only a limited number of invited participants to allow for a private atmosphere. read on Munich Economic Summit

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