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Political Economy and Instruments of Environmental Politics

Friedrich Schneider, Andrea Kollmann and Johannes Reichl

Keynote Speakers:
Denny Ellerman, Global Governance Program, European University Institute
Frank J. Convery, UCD Earth Institute, University College Dublin

Date: 24 - 25 July 2013

In recent years the use of market-based instruments in environmental policy has steadily increased; most notably the EU-ETS brought a major shift in the way environmental policy is implemented and perceived. Still, the efficiency of the instruments in use is questionable, as their design seems to be strongly influenced by the economic agents’ different interests.
Furthermore, turbulent times on the international markets do not simplify stringent national as well as international environmental policy strategies.

This workshops aims at analysing instruments of environmental policy in place and at discussing improvements to their design to further enhance their efficiency. The focus of the discussions shall be on identifying existing barriers among economic agents so as to gain valuable insight into how to overcome them.

In particular, researchers working on issues listed in the following non-exhaustive list of topics would be particular welcome:
• Evaluating the effectiveness of policy instruments regarding the achievement of environmental targets
• Assessments of environmental policies regarding their effects on economic welfare indicators
• How to create sets of instruments with synergetic effects and how to avoid sets with contradictory
• What are the economic findings regarding the Green Jobs created by the strong support from ETS
   and subsidies?
   Are these jobs sustainable and beneficial on a long run compared to conventional economic support
• Assessing the institutional as well as political attitudes towards existing as well as
   future environmental policy.
• Are new instruments needed for international agreements?
• Europe – USA: what are the main barriers to environmental policy & how do they differ?

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