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CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2009


In co-operation with the Venice International University.

CESifo's 10th Venice Summer Institute was held from 6 to 11 July 2009, with six workshops dealing with the following topics:

European Unemployment

Organisers: Christopher Flinn and Klaus Waelde
Date: 6 - 7 July

The Economics and Politics of Climate Change

Organisers: Panu Poutvaara and Mika Widgrén
Date: 6 - 7 July

Behavioural Public Economics

Organisers: Bernd Genser and Jean-Robert Tyran
Date: 8 - 9 July

Operating Uncertainty using Real Options

Organisers: Yu-Fu Chen and Michael Funke
Date: 8 - 9 July

Rethinking the Privatisation of Social Security

Organisers: Gerhard Illing and Efraim Sadka
Date: 10 - 11 July

Heterogeneous Firms in International Trade

In cooperation with NORFACE, Centre for Economic Performance and the London School of Economics
Organisers: Peter Egger, Stephen Redding, and John Whalley
Date: 10 - 11 July

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