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CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2005


In co-operation with the Venice International University.

CESifo's 6th Venice Summer Institute was held from 18 to 23 July 2005, with six workshops dealing with the following topics:

Economics and Psychology

Organisers: Bruno S. Frey and Alois Stutzer
Keynote Speakers: Colin Camerer (CalTech), Simon Gächter (University of Nottingham), Bruno S. Frey and Alois Stutzer (Zürich University)
Date: 18 - 19 July

Recent Developments in International Trade: Globalization and the Multinational Enterprise

Organisers: Steven Brakman and Harry Garretsen
Keynote Speakers: Alan Deardorff (University of Michigan), Peter Neary (University College Dublin), Jim Markusen (University of Colorado at Boulder), Joseph Francois (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
Date: 18 - 19 July

Political Economy and Development

Organisers: Mark Gradstein and Kai Konrad
Keynote Speakers: William Easterly (NYU), Michael Kremer (Harvard)
Date: 20 - 21 July

Global Economic Negotiations

Organiser: John Whalley
Keynote Speakers: John Whalley (University of Western Ontario) and David Greenaway (University of Nottingham)
Date: 20 - 21 July

Health Economics

Organisers: CESifo Economic Studies: Efraim Sadka and Achim Wambach
Keynote Speakers: Paul Gertler (Berkeley), Pierre-Yves Geoffard (Delta)
Date: 22 - 23 July

David Bradford Memorial Conference on the Design of Climate Policy

Organisers: Roger Guesnerie and Henry Tulkens
Keynote Speakers: Roger Guesnerie (Collège de France), William Pizer (Resources for the Future), Henry Tulkens (Université catholique de Louvain)
Date: 22 - 23 July

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