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Academic Conferences

One of the CESifo Group’s main activities is the organisation of academic conferences and events. The Ifo Institute holds the largest number of annual conferences in economics in Germany.

The conferences hosted by CESifo GmbH can be divided into two categories: annual area conferences relating to the individual areas of the CESifo Research Network, and conferences initiated and supported by network members that deal with topical issues in the field of economic research. These events include the CESifo Venice Summer Institute. The Ifo Institute and Ifo Dresden also organise annual workshops for junior economists.

Next Conferences

  1. CESifo Economic Studies Conference on Geocoded Data in Economic Research

    • 18.11.2016, 12:00 PM - 19.11.2016, 04:00 PM
    • CESifo Conference
    • CESifo Conference Centre, Poschingerstrasse 5, 81679 Munich

    The use of data containing detailed geographic information on the entities studied is becoming more and more common in economic research. The idea with this CESifo Economic Studies Conference is to get people working with geocoded data to meet and discuss how detailed geocoded/spatial data can be combined with modern econometric approaches (like geographic RD, geographic difference-in-differences, etc) to answer economic questions, and to discuss more generally how detailed geocoded data can help in answering old questions in a better way (e.g., related to migration research). Invited papers only. We do however have a limited number of spaces for people wishing to attend as external participants (conference fee applies). Please contact Ms Deirdre Weber ( for further details. Details

  2. 10th Workshop on Political Economy

    • 25.11.2016, 01:00 PM - 26.11.2016, 02:30 PM
    • CESifo Conference
    • Ifo Institute, Dresden Branch, Einsteinstraße 3, 01069 Dresden

    CESifo, the Center of Public Economics at TU Dresden and the Ifo Institute for Economic Research Dresden will jointly organize a workshop on Political Economy. In the tradition of the previous workshops, the conference will take place in Saxony´s capital Dresden. The two-day workshop will serve as a forum to present current research results in political economy and will give researchers the opportunity to network. The keynote lectures will be delivered by Ragnar Torvik (NTNU Trondheim & CAMP) and Roland Hodler (SIAW-HSG at the University of St. Gallen). Details

  3. 7th Ifo Conference on "Macroeconomics and Survey Data"

    • 02.12.2016, 09:00 AM - 03.12.2016, 04:00 PM
    • Ifo Conference
    • CESifo Conference Centre, Poschingerstr. 5, 81679 Munich

    On December 02-03, 2016, the Business Cycle Analysis and Survey Department of Ifo in association with Rüdiger Bachmann (University of Notre Dame) and Eric Sims (University of Notre Dame) will organize a conference in Munich on “Macroeconomics and Survey Data”. The conference is intended to discuss ongoing research on survey and micro data and its role and usage in macroeconomics. Papers, theoretical, empirical and policy oriented, are actively solicited on issues like (the list is not exhaustive): methodology of business surveys, uncertainty modelling, survey data and the business cycle, transmission of cyclical fluctuations, forecasting performance of survey data in business-cycle research, usage of micro-data in macroeconomics. Details


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