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Media Library of the CESifo Group Munich

Image Media Library of the CESifo Group Munich

CESifo invites you to join our virtual community of economic discussion. In our Media Library the highlights of conferences and events can be watched in full length.


  • Topical Terms in Economics: explanations of terms from the world of economics that play a role in current public discussions
  • Recordings of press conferences of the CESifo Group Munich (mostly in German).
  • Lecture series "Can Germany Still be Saved? Theses on the Future of the Republic " by Hans-Werner Sinn (2005) (in German).
  • Lecture series "The Green Paradox - Theses on Climate Change" by Hans-Werner Sinn (2009) (in German).

Internet Lectures

  • Munich Lectures in Economics: Lecture series of the Distinguished CES Fellows
  • Internet Lectures: lectures of visiting researchers at CES

Recordings of events

Many events of the CESifo Group Munich have been recorded and can be viewed in their entirety. Also selected speeches and lectures by staff members or from events of the Group are available.

  • Speeches and lectures of staff members or at events of the CESifo Group Munich (in German and English)

Contributions from radio or television

Comments of Ifo researchers on current economy-policy areas on radio and television as well as reports on research results, publications and events.

  • Selection of longer interviews, discussions and lectures (mostly in German).
  • TV Archive: Radio and TV contributions (mostly in German).

Video presentations

Short video presentations provide a first impression of the diverse activities of the Ifo Institute, the Center for Economic Studies and CESifo GmbH. 

  • Video presentations of Ifo, CES, CESifo and Ifo Dresden
  • Video presentations of events of the CESifo Group Munich

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