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CESifo visiting researcher - Guest book entry

Elisabeth Gugl, University of Victoria

Ifo/CESifo Visiting Researcher, 1.-31.10.2014


I wish to thank Helmut Rainer, my host, for inviting me to Ifo in the first place, and everybody at CESifo for making my visit such a productive and enjoyable experience.
The CESifo apartment so close to Ifo and only a short (and beautiful) bike ride away from LMU, offers its visitors the luxury to minimize commuting costs and more time for research and exchange of ideas with the great people here at Ifo and LMU and the seminar speakers.
I leave Munich feeling happy about the projects I was able to focus on during my visit and with a long list of new research ideas. It doesn't get any better than that!
With sincere gratitude,
Elisabeth Gugl
University of Victoria, Canada


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