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CES visiting scholar - Guest book entry

Domenico delli Gatti, Catholic University in Milan

CES Visiting Scholar, 07.11. – 10.11.2011 & 21.11. - 25.11.2011


23 November 2011
It is the first time for me at CES and the first of a hopefully long series of future visits! I have never been so happy in a research institution. First of all thanks to the people at CES. The administrative staff is amazing: efficient, helpful and extremely friendly. The colleagues, both junior and senior, are wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of our interactions. What I am particularly happy for is the diversity of points of view and the freedom and open mindedness of discussion on economic and political issues. I have never been so productive in my country. Last but not least thanks to Munich and its people. I did not expect German hospitality to surpass the Italian one. I must admit Germany is leading Italy also in this endeavour. See you all as soon as possible ...

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