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5. Family Statistics

For a couple of decades family structures have been changing almost as fast as the economic environment in which these families evolve. The changes include a decreasing family size, alternative types of partnerships, and changes in labour division.
In this section, you will find answers to the following questions: how do families vary by type and size? How prevalent is cohabitation/marriage/divorce? What is the employment impact of parenthood? The section covers some key statistics, further statistics can be found at EUROSTAT and the OECD Family Database.

  • Employment impact of parenthood: Family employment patterns (part-time working), 2011
    Table | 21.03.2015 | Details | Download
  • Maternal employment rates, by age of youngest child and number of children, 2005 - 2011
    Table | 28.04.2015 | Details | Download | Visual Story
  • The OECD Indicator of Work / Families Reconciliation Policies
    Report | 01.03.2004 | Details | Download

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