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Hans-Möller-Seminar (Münchener Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Kolloquium)

Die Seminarreihe wird veranstaltet vom Institut für VWL/Department of Economics und dem Center for Economic Studies der LMU München.

Zeit: Dienstag, 17:00 - 18:15 Uhr
Ort: Bibliothek des Seminars für Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen, Ludwigstr. 28/II (Raum 221)

Sommersemester 2016

Date Lecturer Topic
12.04.2016 Ferdinand Rauch, University of Oxford The Bene…fits of Forced Experimentation: Striking Evidence from the London Underground Network?
19.04.2016 Ray Rees, Emeritus LMU Munich How To Turn a Shock Into a Crisis: Risk Management Failure and Sovereign Default in the Eurozone
03.05.2016 Christian Zehnder, Université de Lausanne Make some Noise: Information Garbling and the Elicitation of Sensitive Data
10.05.2016 Julian di Giovanni, Universitat Pompeu Fabra International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles: What do firm-bank-loan level data tell us?
31.05.2016 Sylvain Chassang, Princeton University Collusion in Auctions with Constrained Bids: Theory and Evidence from Public Procurement
07.06.2016 Tim Cason, Purdue University Bidding in First-Price and Second-Price Interdependent Values Auctions: A Laboratory Experiment
14.06.2016 Wouter Dessein, Columbia GSB Managerial Style and Attention
21.06.2016 Penny Goldberg, Yale University Competition, Markups and Cost Pass-through: A Production-Side Approach with an Application to the Indian Trade Liberalization
28.06.2016 Nicola Lacetera, University of Toronto Morality-Efficiency Tradeoffs in Repugnant Markets
05.07.2016 Magne Mogstad, University of Chicago Incarceration, employment, and recidivism
12.07.2016 Thomas Dohmen, Universität Bonn The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence


Department of Economics, in Verbindung mit dem Center for Economic Studies (CES), LMU München

Prof. Dr. Florian Englmaier und Prof. Dr. Uwe Sunde


LMU Munich
Chair for Population Economics
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80539 Munich

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