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Integrated Assessment of International Climate Change Policies

Ifo Workshop

ifo Institut, Ludwig-Erhard-Saal, 81679 München

Dienstag, 09. Juli 2013 - Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013, details to be announced

Markus Zimmer, Ifo Institute


Integrated assessment of international climate change policies
Are climate policies efficient in mitigating climate change?

Climate change is a pending problem which is addressed by governments with a broad range of different policy mixes. The latest example of disagreement among policy makers about the most effective and efficient policy design combatting climate change is the meeting of the European Parliament on April 16, 2013. The meeting tried to restructure the EU-ETS. Apparently, the demand for sound analysis of policy designs and mixes is pressing. A project conducted momentarily at the Ifo-Institute aims to answer these urgent questions of policy makers.

This project, titling “Integrated Assessment of the Instruments and the Fiscal and Market-Based Incentives of International Climate Change Policies and their Impacts” will be the background for the workshop. The tasks in this project are to extent an Integrated Assessment Model (FUND) by a sound economic component containing endogenous growth and a trade model which is capable of mapping carbon leakage. The aim is to analyze a variety of policy scenarios with regard to their environmental and economic impacts.

The workshop’s objectives are to improve the assessment of carbon leakage, policy instruments and uncertainty in integrated assessment modeling. Its interdisciplinary setting brings together experts, researchers and policy makers from very different fields.

The workshop mainly aims at the following three topics:

  • The scope of and uncertainty in integrated assessment modeling with regard to multiple regions, sectors and resources.
  • The reallocation of GHG emissions due to carbon leakage and their impact on the allocation of regional damages.
  • Feasible policy scenarios and policy instruments and their assessment with regard to their effectiveness and costs. 

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