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Ifo-PIK Workshop on Transition towards Global Carbon Pricing and Fossil Energy Markets

Time: Feb 14, 2013 11 AM - Feb 15, 2013 1 PM

Address: CESifo Conference Centre, Poschingerstrasse 5, 81679 München

The effectiveness of climate policy depends crucially on its interaction with fossil energy markets. The absolute availability and the costs of fossil fuels determine the overall challenge of mitigating future CO2 emissions. The implementation of policies to meet the challenge is a transition process that will not capture all sources of greenhouse gases from all sectors and all countries at once. Such a transition process towards a global policy system will inevitably be subject to various leakage effects that reduce policy effectiveness. The Green Paradox, in a general interpretation, deals with all economic forces that undermine the effectiveness of climate policy approaches.
The workshop aims to improve the assessment of leakage and rebound effects resulting from climate policies in an interdisciplinary setting. It brings together experts, researchers and policy makers from very different fields including international climate policy, energy and resources, the fossil fuel sector and integrated energy-economy-climate modeling.

Scientific organiser(s): Prof. Dr. Karen Pittel

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