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New Directions in Fiscal Federalism 2006

Time: Sep 14, 2006 12 AM - Sep 16, 2006 12 AM

Address: Lexington, Kentucky

IFIR - CESifo conference on New Directions in Fiscal Federalism

Issues of fiscal federalism -- broadly defined to include the tax, expenditure, and debt policies of different levels of government, as well their interaction -- have attracted heightened attention from academics and policymakers alike. Global changes in institutional structures and economic conditions within and among countries, including fiscal, economic, and political reforms, have highlighted the importance of the division of fiscal and political responsibilities among governments. Competition among governments, as well as the development and evolution of mechanisms of horizontal and vertical fiscal coordination and cooperation among them, have been the subject of a rapidly-developing literature. Better understanding of the fiscal policies and interactions of governments, and of their institutional and political underpinnings, presents deep intellectual challenges as well as opportunities for useful policy applications. This conference will provide a forum for presentation of current theoretical and empirical research on these topics.

Scientific organiser(s): Professor David E. Wildasin, Prof Dr Thiess Büttner

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