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Required reading: The causes and lessons of the financial crisis, by Hans-Werner Sinn.
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Newest at CESifo
Oct 31st, 2010

Here is a selection of the latest CESifo Working Papers, plus other tidbits. Enjoy.

Illustration by Andrea Rapl

Well, at least it would make a good movie set

Withering Academia?
Few institutions are as long-lived as those gathered under the term "academia", that is, universities, academies of higher learning and other research institutions. But a number of factors could make them change radically, and even disappear in their present form, sooner than we think, according to Bruno S. Frey.
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I used to be a forest, you know?

Yellow Light for Green Policies
If the environment could vote, chances are it wouldn't choose representative democracy as its favourite form of government: it has the nagging tendency to dilute, delay and defang policies aimed at protecting the environment, as Friedrich Schneider explains.
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Illustration by Andrea Rapl

Those mean foreign sheep, munching away our grass

Protectionist Follies
What is is about politicians? Not only do they water down environmental policies, as the article above shows, but they also stubbornly insist on erecting protectionist barriers when a downturn comes, despite all the evidence that this is a self-defeating strategy. Mario Larch and a colleague explain why they do so, and what is so bad about it.
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Lenin's Legacy
One of history's most impressive natural experiments in socio-economics is still a great source of material for economic research, with surprising, and telling, results. Bernd Suessmuth and a colleague explore Lenin's legacy on trust, risk, fairness and cooperativeness in the two Germanies, two decades after reunification.
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Ifo Index for Eurozone
The advance results of the Ifo Economic Climate Index for the Euro Area show a marginal rise in the fourth quarter, continuing an upwards trend. It is now only slightly below its long-term average.
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2010 Distinguished CES Fellow
The Center for Economic Studies at the University of Munich has honoured Richard Blundell, a Professor of Political Economy at University College London, as this year's Distinguished CES Fellow. He will give the three-part Munich Lectures in Economics, which will deal with "Empirical Evidence and Tax Reform: Lessons from the Mirrlees Review."
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The Chart
Bet that until around last September, you had hardly ever heard of rare earths. Now they are giving rise to hysterical headlines almost everywhere. Our chart explains why.
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