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CESifo is the international platform of the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies and Germany's Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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April 20th , 2007

EMU first lifted Italy, and then...

EMU first lifted Italy, and then...

Strange Bedfellows
Italy benefited hugely from its accession into the eurozone: its public debt was reduced dramatically. Ireland benefited as well, but rather from the monetary stimulus provided by the euro's low interest rates. Now both economies see their elbow room for macroeconomic adjustment constrained by their membership in the very monetary club that once gave them a lift. Here you can find out why.
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It's bigger than I thought...

It's bigger than I thought...

Honey, I Shrunk the World
(or Did I?)

There's something to be said about globalisation: spurred by technology and an ever wider adoption of liberal trade practices, it has shrunk the world enormously. A famous author even felt compelled to declare that distance is dead, and that the world (roll over, Columbus) is flat. Well, not so fast. Our researchers took a hard look at the figures, and came up with a different girth for our planet.
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Hurry, put it on paper!

Hurry, put it on paper!

Homo Economicus Alpha
Publish or perish. That has been the prod goading scientists to put their research findings to web or paper as prolifically as possible. And then, to pray copiously that you get a few citations. Economists, dismal perhaps but scientists nonetheless, are not exempted. But what happens if you keep churning out high-quality stuff, but nobody notices? Well, maybe it is because your family name starts with a Z and you're writing with co-authors. Poor you. Only radical name surgery could help you.
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Ifo Business Climate in Germany

The sky's the limit

Ifo Index Still on the Rise
Germany is riding the updraft of the world's booming investment in capital goods. Business expectations, climate and assessment of the current situation all kept climbing in April.
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Ifo Conference
Survey Data in Economics
Methodology and Applications

The conference is intended to discuss ongoing research on survey data and its application in economics. Theoretical and empirical contributions on survey data in economics are welcome, with a special emphasis on methodology and the usage of Ifo Business Survey data. Among the central issues that could be addressed are: methodology of business surveys, dealing with non-response, quantitative vs. qualitative responses, behavioural aspects in surveys, forecasting performance of survey data in business-cycle research, econometrics of survey data, and usage of micro-data in empirical economics. See Call for Papers.


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