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What is CESifo?

CESifo is the international platform of the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies and Germany's Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Newest at CESifo
March 28th, 2006

The upswing solidifies

The upswing solidifies

Ifo Business Climate Index Continues to Rise
The Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade rose again in March. For the fourth time in succession, the surveyed firms gave more favourable assessments of both their current situation and their business expectations for the coming six months. They were especially more satisfied with their present business situation than in February. This is an indication that the economic recovery has stabilised further.
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Hands off!: This is our national champion

Hands off: This is our national champion

Let National Champions Go
After a spate of government-backed outbursts of economic nationalism in the attempt to block takeovers of national champions by foreign firms, the EEAG group of economic experts pleads for artificial obstacles to hostile and cross-border mergers to be eradicated from Europe.
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Crash landing ahead?

Watch out for those imbalances

Flying Lopsided
While trade surpluses and foreign reserves balloon across Asian and oil-exporting countries, a gaping trade and current account deficit yawns in the US. Will the unwinding of this imbalance send the world economy into a tailspin? The European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo urges the EU to upgrade its monetary policy instruments in order to avoid a hard landing.
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Growing out of high-tech

Growing out of high-tech

Unshackling the Giant
Experts call for reforming the Lisbon goals if Europe is to grow at all: the focus on a high-tech information-based economy leaves out other, equally successful, alternative roads to economic sucess. Furthermore, the experts call for liberalising job markets and improving competition.
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Competing for this brain

Let schools compete for her brain

Competing for Brains
Throwing money at education is no way to improve it. State education monopolies are fossilised, impervious to change. So, what to do, if you want to improve the decaying European educational systems? Well, for starters, open schools to competition and increase parental choice, argues a just-released expert report.
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5th Munich Economic Summit

High-ranking decision-makers will converge on the Bavarian capital on May 4-5 to discuss the effects of outsourcing and offshoring on the European economy. Among the speakers are WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, EU Vice-President Günter Verheugen, the economics ministers of Germany, Austria and Latvia, the heads of major American, European and Indian firms active at both ends of the outsourcing business, as well as many top-ranked newspaper editors.

Registration for Journalists here. Further info on the Summit:


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