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What is CESifo?

CESifo is the international platform of the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies and Germany's Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Required reading: CESifo-MIT book on the transparency and credibility of the European Central Bank's decision-making and its decentralized structure.
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Newest at CESifo
June 16th 2005

A bridge to the euro area?

A bridge to the euro area?

The UK and the Euro
With the twin "Noes" to the EU Constitution delivered by France and the Netherlands the euro has turned quite wobbly against the US dollar. It does not appear all that tempting as your currency of choice anymore. The UK decided not to jump onto the euro bandwagon back then when it was introduced, so it might look on with mild amusement at the current goings-on with the pan-European currency. But what would have happened if the UK had joined the euro in 1999? A new CESifo Working Paper explores this intriguing counterfactual scenario.
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A happy marriage?

A happy marriage — so far

Breaking the Currency Bond
Don't worry. We do cover other things in this issue than just money matters. But questioning monetary unions is all the rage at the moment. What does it take to make a monetary union fall apart? Of course we do not mean the euro. The thought hasn't even crossed our minds. But check out this timely paper by Volker Nitsch dissecting the whys and the hows of monetary divorces.
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East meets West: Hungarian Minister János Kóka addresses the audience

East meets West: Hungarian Minister János Kóka addresses the audience

Red Score-Card for Lisbon Goals at Munich Economic Summit
The nearly 130 decision-makers taking part in the 4th Munich Economic Summit, held on June 9 and 10 in Bavaria's capital, quickly delivered their answer to the question posed by the Summit regarding the Lisbon Goals ("Are We Halfway There?"): Not even close. But they also pointed the way forward, and made a succinct diagnosis of why the process of turning Europe into the world's most competitive economy by 2010 has stalled.
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Our own 'State-of-the-Union' presentation

Our own "State of the Union" presentation

Ifo's 57th Annual General Meeting
This year, Munich's Ifo Institute for Economic Research will hold its most important get-together on June 23. Its public portion will again include an analysis of the German economy by the president of the Ifo Institute, plus lectures by guest speakers from business and politics. The latest Ifo Economic Forecast will also be released during the proceedings.
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