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What is CESifo?

CESifo is the international platform of the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies and Germany's Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Required reading: CESifo-MIT book on education as the key to improve growth and reduce inequality.
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Newest at CESifo
February 22nd 2005


Start early. Target correctly. And don't forget those non-cognitive skills. A Skilled Approach
Modern economies are based on skills. So, skill-fostering policies are a sound investment. But is skill policy the same as educational policy? Definitely no, says Nobel laureate James J. Heckman. It reaches deeper, even into non-cognitive abilities, and requires a life-cycle approach.
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But I'm still wealthier than the rest An American Metamorphosis
In half a century, Americans have gone from being the tallest in the world to one of the fattest. But empirical evidence shows that physical stature generally increases in good times and decreases during adversity. So, what happened here? Americans, after all, possess advanced medical services and have enjoyed a prolonged boom in economic activity. John Komlos explains this conundrum.
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Swedish product. Sort of. Choosy Multinationals
A one-percent increase in the wage gap between Germany and locations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) destroys 900 jobs in German multinational parents and creates 5,000 jobs in affiliates located in the CEE countries. For Sweden, the corresponding figures are 140 and 260 jobs, respectively. Scary stuff. Sascha O. Becker and his colleagues have the figures.
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David Bradford David Bradford
One of the great names in public finance has passed away. David Bradford, Head of the Ifo and CESifo Scientific Advisory Councils, died on Feb. 22 from injuries sustained following a freak accident at his home.
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