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What is CESifo?

CESifo is the international platform of the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies and Germany's Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Required reading: CESifo-MIT book on education as the key to improve growth and reduce inequality.
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Newest at CESifo
January 31st 2005

This is a new CESifo product, published once a month. Primarily devoted to bringing background information in economics to journalists and CESifo Working Papers to a broader audience, it also reviews other news from the CESifo Group Munich. Should you prefer not to receive this newsletter, click here. We would be happy to receive your comments here.

How much do you offer for our co-operation, Mr Montesinos? How to Subvert Democracy
Beautiful combination, democracy and free markets. But what happens when the laws of supply and demand are applied to the pillars that hold the democratic edifice together? Plenty of exercises of this kind have been performed throughout the world, throughout history. But none as well documented and clear-cut as that carried out by former Peruvian spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos. A sobering account, and riveting reality TV to boot.
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Two many hands, and one of them invisible Are Economists Different?
Some say God created economists to make weather forecasters look good. Rumour has it they sport an invisible hand. That they torture data until Nature confesses. Fact is, they are different from other elites, particularly in European societies. The question is why. Gerbhard Kirchgaessner has the answer.
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CESifo International Spring Conference 2005

High-ranking businessmen and economists will converge on March 17-18 at the British Embassy in Berlin to discuss the outlook for the world's economy and debate the prospects for major European industries in 2005.

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