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What is CESifo?

CESifo is the international platform of the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies and Germany's Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Newest at CESifo
December 17th 2004

This is a new CESifo product, published once a month. Primarily devoted to bringing background information in economics to journalists, it also reviews other news from the CESifo Group Munich. Should you prefer not to receive this newsletter, click here. We would be happy to receive your comments here.

Turkish Delight
A delight too large to digest, say some. It's been sitting on your doorstep too long, say others: don't let it go sour on you. Be it as if may, European leaders have said yes to start talking for real about letting Turkey into the EU. What will it mean economically? Two CESifo Working Papers have the numbers.
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May I Have the Bill, Please?
Enter "9/11" in Google and you get some 40 million matches. Add to that the miles of newsprint and the hours of radio and TV devoted to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist atrocities, and you begin to suspect how major this was, not least in economic terms. Financial turmoil, airlines tottering on the brink of bankruptcy, costly wars waged. But the real cost of terrorism is much more than that. A series of CESifo Working Papers tells you just how much more.
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What's in a Name?
Having a hard time in the jobs market? Your looks are OK, your degree is not bad, you are within the right age range... But have you thought whether your name's Scrabble score might be playing tricks on you? Check it out with this unusual CESifo Working paper.
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Let's think again, please A Rap on the Knuckles
Not exactly the grading score one proudly frames and pins above the fireplace. Germany has not been getting high marks for the quality of its education lately. What to do about it? Equip schools with computers, foster the creation of elites, reduce class size? Better read the battery of fact-laden CESifo Working papers dissecting the German malaise and reviewing proposed remedies.
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