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CESifo is the international platform of the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies and Germany's Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Making waves: How to bring Germany out of the doldrums.
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Newest at CESifo
November 11th 2004

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Online Music Piracy
The music industry is incensed at the notion of legions of people downloading songs for free from the Internet, and is doing its best —or its worst— to kill the practice: it depresses its sales, it says. Legions of people, in turn, are incensed at the perceived "customer-gouging" nature of the music industry and happily continue to download songs from the Internet: it helps them fine-tune their tastes and thus make more informed music purchases. So, how disastrous is music file swapping on the internet for the music industry? Martin Peitz has done extensive research on that, and the answer is surprising.
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Democracy or Market Economy?
Deng Xiao Ping did it and Hu Jintao continues it. Chiang Kai-shek and even Pinochet did it. Gorbachev and his successors didn't, and it shows. For fast economic growth, the trick appears to be: first liberalise the economy; then, politics, and eventually they will both converge. At least that's what Francesco Giavazzi and Guido Tabellini's research has found out.
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Privatising Network Utilities
Scene 1: You rub your hands in glee at the much lower rates you now pay for placing phone calls: privatising the phone company was a godsend. Scene 2: You curse the late trains, crumbling tracks and badly-designed timetables of the railway company: privatising it was a disaster. So, what makes a network utility privatisation successful? A series of just-released CESifo Working Papers has the answer.
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Construction workers, for one, are fretting Protecting Low-Income Workers
Despite the noisy protests of the likes of Jean Bové, globalisation is a good thing. But, as it turns out, not for everyone simultaneously. Some, such as low-skilled, low-income workers in industrialised countries, are at risk from being undercut by lower-paid immigrants. This, asserts Hans-Werner Sinn in his latest paper, could jeopardise the achievements of a hundred years of social democracy.
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