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  Featured Paper

But at least we built good walls

The Iron Curtain and Entrepreneurship

A quarter-century on, the fall of the Iron Curtain is still providing new insights. Or confirming what we long suspected. East German education, it turns out, was not exactly keen on, or successful in, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit into students, as a new CESifo study conclusively shows.

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  The Original Sinn

Could you be the new Eurozone model?

The 25-Year-Old Model

At first glance, German reunification has been an extraordinary success. In merely 25 years, it has lifted a communist economy to a par with Europe's most prosperous, thanks to massive support from the western part of the country. Couldn't the same principle be applied to the Eurozone, with a massive commitment from North to South to end the southern discomfort? Hans-Werner Sinn explains why this would not be a good idea.
   Economic Indicators

Chugging along

Still at Cruising Altitude

Not even the Volkswagen scandal has shaken the German economy off its fairly high-altitude course: the climate index for the automotive industry rose even further in October. Overall, Germany's Business Climate Index dropped only slightly, on the back of minimally less rosy assessments of the current business situation, but with an unswerving expectation that business will pick up in the coming months.

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   From the Editor

Slippery concept

Isn't It Ironic

Germany is full of surprises. If you thought Germans don't do irony, you'd be wrong. The place is brimming with it. It is only that Germans themselves haven't noticed yet.

  Major Event

Yanis the Brave

He Woz Here

You have to hand it to him: the man has guts, coming to the lair of the dragon like this. Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis came to Munich, stood elbow to elbow with Hans-Werner Sinn on stage and delivered, to a packed audience, his (actually quite charming) view of all the things Germany is doing wrong to end the euro crisis. Check out the video of his presentation here (don't panic: only the first two minutes are in German). You can also find there Hans-Werner Sinn's reply, the Varoufakis-Sinn podium discussion, and the discussion with the audience.

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  The Chart

The continent of milk and honey

Asylum Applications Around Europe

The phenomenon is not new. People have been requesting asylum in various countries in Europe for quite a while now. Lately, of course, the steady trickle has turned into a flood. Check out this new interactive DICE chart to see how the monthly number of applications has evolved among the EU countries since 2008.

   Publications of Interest

All you always wanted to know about migration

CESifo Economic Studies

The new issue of CESifo Economic Studies is out. Devoted to migration studies, it features ten articles ranging from an analysis of the EU's asylum policy through an intriguing proposal for tradable refugee-admission quotas, to the political economy of migration. These days, compulsory reading, all of it. Highly recommended.

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   Ifo News

Karen Pittel

Bavarian Climate Council Appoints Ifo Researcher Karen Pittel

The Ifo Institute's authority on energy and climate, Karen Pittel, has been appointed to the Bavarian Climate Council. A luminary in her field, Prof Pittel is the Director of the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Resources and a professor at the University of Munich. The climate council, in turn, monitors climate protection policy and supports climate research aimed at providing forward-looking proposals for sustainable climate policy.


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Guests and Locals

The CESifo Group is hosting a number of scholars during November. See what they are working on and get to know their research focus and other aspects of interest.

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If you're into development economics and policy, this might be just the thing for you. CESifo Fellow Axel Dreher is organising a conference on the topic to be held in Heilderberg. Check the call for papers here. For new postings on the Bulletin Board, please contact Yvonne Maldener.

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